About CBN

145 Richmond Road Canadian Bank Note Company (CBN) is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and has additional plants and offices in 9 other locations. CBN employs over 1,000 people worldwide and supplies products through 4 divisions.
  1. Lottery Systems (online games, terminals and systems, including full management of turnkey lottery installations, and marketing and on-site management, instant tickets and commercial games)
  2. Identification Systems (passports, passport readers, passport issuing and border control systems, visas, drivers' licences, ID cards, citizenship and related documents, vehicle registration forms)
  3. Payment Systems (currency; postage; travellers' cheques; fiscal, tax and liquor labels; bonus coupons; origination and design services)
  4. Shareholder Services (annual reports, stock and bond certificates, high quality commercial printing)
CBN was established in 1897 to supply security-printed products to the Canadian government, which it has done continuously ever since. The supply of Canadian currency, passports and postage stamps are three important activities entrusted to the Company. CBN has expanded from this base to the supply of the same and similar products to many other countries and today more than half of CBN's sales originate outside of Canada. In the 1980's CBN expanded into the Lottery Systems business area and today is active in supplying and managing lottery games in many countries with a special focus on the Caribbean as well as Latin, Central and South America.

Today, CBN has highly secure facilities containing technologically advanced, specialized manufacturing equipment for the printing of products such as banknotes and passports, which require the latest in anti-counterfeiting techniques. To design and originate these products, CBN employs highly skilled artists, designers and engravers. Complementing and building on these skills are hundreds of computer software and hardware experts who are required for the design of the issuing, reading and control systems, and hardware that make these products, as well as lottery systems, more effective. CBN also employs the many craftsmen, manufacturing experts and support people who are required for the production of these sophisticated products.

CBN is a mission driven organization with a clearly defined set of values and principles. Employees are encouraged to have a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem and the capacity to think clearly and logically. CBN believes that competitive advantage is largely in the minds of its employees as represented by their capacity to turn rational ideas into action towards the accomplishment of CBN's mission. CBN's vision is to make the world a safer place in which to live and do business in by being the technological leader in the supply of solutions aimed at preventing the fraud associated with issuing and using secure documents and related systems.

CBN conducts its business in accordance with its Philosophy, which is covered in detail in its Philosophy Booklet included on this web site.

CBN is 100% Canadian owned.