About Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited (CBN) is a world leader in high-level security documents and related issuing and management software systems. Canadian Bank Note has a global workforce of approximately 1,000 employees with the majority of employees located in Ottawa, Canada. We have offices on every continent in the world and customers in over 40 countries.

Our vision is to make the world a safer place to live in and to do business in by being the technological leader in the supply of solutions aimed at preventing the fraud associated with using secure documents.

For further information on Canadian Bank Note and its products and services see About CBN.

Group Shot Why work for Canadian Bank Note?

Canadian Bank Note is growing rapidly and we are always looking for bright and talented people. We create an environment where our employees can learn, grow and be fulfilled by their work. Employees are encouraged to have a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem and the capacity to think clearly and logically. We encourage our people to contribute as individuals and to be involved in the decisions that are related to their work and working conditions.

We seek to hire individuals who believe that their lives matter and that they can accomplish something meaningful through their work.

Stability of employment, job safety, health protection, environmental conditions and pensions are important matters to Canadian Bank Note and are given serious consideration.


Canadian Bank Note chooses individuals who are consistent with our values. We hire people who fit within our organizational needs and enhance the work environment. Employee performance is based on results on the job and not on considerations of age, sex, religion, or race. We are committed to achieving a skilled and diversified workforce.

Diversity comes from the top-notch individuals who work for us. Each brings a unique perspective and talent to the organization. They create an environment of understanding and knowledge built on global culture, professional skills and personal character.

Fluency in languages in addition to English, is key to our success. Our customers appreciate doing business in the language of their choice and we endeavor to hire people with language proficiency in French, Spanish, Arabic, as well as other languages.

Canadian Bank Note's Philosophy

CBN is a mission driven organization with a clearly defined set of values and principles. Reason, honesty, integrity, productiveness, independence, pride, and justice in our work are the basic principles guiding the organization.

To learn more about Canadian Bank Note's Philosophy see CBN's Philosophy Booklet.