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Introduction and Principal Lines of Business

For more than 100 years, governments around the world have placed their trust in the Canadian Bank Note Company. Our experience and heritage combined with our expertise in state-of-the-art technology shape our products and solutions. With security at the core, CBN Identification Systems leverages in-house capability in document design, high security printing, system design and integration, document manufacturing, personalization, distribution and inspection. That is why we are a recognized leader in the supply of secure identification documents and solutions with an established base of clients in over 60 countries.

Our Mission - CBN makes the world a safer place

CBN's consultative, solutions-based approach is holistic, as is our definition of security. Starting with the belief that the security of a system is only as strong as its weakest link, we look at all aspects: document and system security; secure communications and network security; secure supply chain, people, and processes. This overarching approach is manifested in our Personal Identification Management System (PIMS) concept. The PIMS concept illustrates how key personal identification data elements can be shared to serve as a backbone for the issuance and use of documents.

Our Promise - Our Customer first

The continued threat of terrorism, growing travel volumes and the increasing incidence of identity fraud have created a worldwide demand for improved identification documents and systems performance. Although the challenges are global in nature, our experience in the design and development of secure systems has led us to conclude that no two solutions will be the same - the needs of our clients are unique. The CBN approach is to understand the challenges our clients face, to develop the optimum solution according to their requirements, and to deploy the technology best suited for the solution. That is our promise; a CBN client always receives the optimal solution for their need.

Our Offer - Complete One-Stop Solutions

While we offer a comprehensive range of document readers and secure identification documents, our focus is on complete, end-to-end turnkey solutions. To deliver an integrated security value chain in our solutions, we have unparalleled in-house capabilities. We are experienced in the design, development and integration of solutions for customers around the globe. We also deliver document design, consulting, project management, training, maintenance and ongoing support services.

Our Customers - Delivering secure solutions to governments for their citizens

With business in more than 60 countries, we are trusted by our customers worldwide. Our clients include ministries of interior, foreign affairs, homeland security, defence, transport and health. We also serve immigration, border control, customs agencies, government departments such as the department of motor vehicles, and system integrators as indirect channels. With our global reach, we are well positioned to share information about international trends, best practices and emerging threats with our clients. We also actively participate in related industry associations and contribute to standards setting bodies.