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CBN is a leading provider of highly secure solutions for national identification and civil registries. Designed and built with CBN's extensive expertise in all aspects of document and system security, our solutions are comprehensive, versatile and customized to address customer-specific needs. Customers around the world entrust their national and civil identification requirements to CBN.

From Vital Statistics to Identification Service
Most civil registry systems were created to manage the statistical aspects of registering and documenting events such as birth, marriage, and death. This role has changed dramatically. Providing the foundation on which identities are established, National ID and Civil Registry systems are now critical components of a nation's security infrastructure. Furthermore, identification credentials-established by national ID and civil registry systems-are critical to a government's interaction with the public. This includes distribution of benefits, as well as access to vital services and infrastructure, and the facilitation of travel.

Personal Identification Management System (PIMS)
The need for solid foundation documents and the importance of a link between separate national ID and civil registry systems is at the core of CBN's Personal Identification Management System (PIMS) concept. Individual identities are secured by ensuring that new documents are issued based on trusted and known credentials. This concept uses an individual's foundation documents as the key to secure identity verification. The result is effective identity management and a strong deterrent to identity related fraud.

Complete Secure Solutions
To ensure the highest level of personal ID security, all components of a driver's licence solution need to be secure: the actual identity document, the enrolment and issuance process, and the software. CBN tailors its solutions to customer specific business processes, system architecture, problems and issues to provide optimal protection against all security threats.

Integrated Security
Our customized solutions are based upon CBN's security printing, system development and integration as well as production and issuance competences. Customers trust CBN for their expertise in developing and providing secure documents, systems, and networks, and as a highly secure service bureau for issuing their documents.