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Canadian Bank Note is a recognized leader in the design and development of ePassport solutions (also called biometric passports). We are end-to-end solution providers with complete in-house capabilities ranging from microchip application development, to security printing and verification readers. Our growing international customer base appreciates our consultative approach paired with our in-depth knowledge of the biometric ePassport document, the issuance process and the specialized technologies required for verification.

CBN's range of ePassport configurations blends traditional high security printing and manufacturing techniques with the latest microchip and biometric technology, while fully conforming to relevant ICAO9303, ISO14443 and ISO7816 standards. Our solutions have undergone extensive, independent durability testing proving their viability within real-world conditions.

ePassport Issuance
The personalization of ePassports requires technologies and software not found within traditional passport issuing systems. CBN offers a range of services including:

  • consulting
  • system upgrades
  • customized system development to implement ePassports

Our core expertise includes:

  • integration of biometric technologies
  • public key infrastructure tools
  • specialized read/write hardware for encoding and quality assurance of the microchip

ePassport Inspection
Inspection of ePassports at ports-of-entry provide significant enhancement to border security-biometrics on the microchip can be automatically matched against the traveler and/or compared with a national watch list. Information in the microchip can also be used to authenticate the origin of the travel document by comparing its digital keys against the matching keys supplied by the issuing state.

CBN offers a range of services, including consultancy, system upgrades and the implementation of complete border management solutions.

We have also developed our own dual optical/RF microchip reader, the EAGLE. It captures machine-readable text, full-page images, and extracts ePassport data with a single insertion of the document. The compact size of Eagle makes it ideal for desktop applications and automated border control kiosks.