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Canadian Bank Note is a leading supplier of high security driver's licence document solutions in North America and around the world. Designed and produced with CBN's extensive expertise in all aspects of document and system security, our solutions are comprehensive, highly versatile and customized to address customer-specific needs.

The Challenge: National Security
Driver's Licences are an accepted form of identity document in many parts of the world. As a consequence, the security of Driver's Licences has come under public scrutiny as governments look for ways to strengthen national security and, in particular, identification documents that play a large role in fighting terrorism and crime as a whole.

Complete Secure Solutions
To ensure the highest level of security, all components of a driver's licence solution need to be secure, including the actual document, the enrolment and issuing process, and the application software and communications network. CBN tailors its solutions to customer specific business processes, system architecture, problems and issues to provide optimal protection against all security threats.

Integrated Security
Our customized solutions are based upon CBN's security printing, system development and integration as well as production and issuance competencies. Customers trust CBN for their expertise in developing and providing secure documents, systems, and networks, and as a highly secure service bureau for issuing their documents.

Cooperation in Canada and the USA
CBN is actively participating in a number of initiatives in the United States, Canada, as well as internationally in an effort to enhance the security of driver's licences and related systems.

Vehicle Registration
CBN also supplies documents and issuing systems for Vehicle Registration. Customers around the world trust our consultative approach and value our security printing and system capabilities in this field.