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Canadian Bank Note is a world leader in the supply of customized, turnkey, travel document issuance solutions, as demonstrated by our numerous system implementations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Our experience tells us that no two countries share exactly the same business processes, legislative environments, operating conditions or security threats. We develop solutions to address our clients' unique requirements, and at the same time comply with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Complete Turnkey Solutions

CBN provides end-to-end solutions, including travel documents, document readers, software and hardware development, project management, installation and training services, and maintenance programs over the lifecycle of the system.

We design with a solutions architecture that provides the flexibility to expand and change as the needs of the nation evolve. The core functions within the passport and visa system cover each stage involved in the personalization of a travel document, from initial data capture to issuing the final document to the applicant.


Personalization options include:
  • in-book ink jets
  • laser marking (laser engraving)
  • laser etching and laser perforating technology
  • laser toner printing and dye sublimation
In addition to the colour portrait and machine-readable lines printed on the travel documents, additional digital security elements may be applied, including two-dimensional barcodes, and our patented processes, Phantomplex™, and Hyperviolet™.


Passport and visa issuing systems face several major system specific security threats such as:
  • photo substitution
  • deletion/alternation of biographic data
  • theft of genuine document blanks
  • identity theft
  • impostors
  • malfeasance of staff
CBN's solutions are trusted to provide optimal fraud prevention and effective fraud detection. Our approach to secure issuance solutions is comprehensive and includes:
  • the document
  • the issuing system
  • the network and communication infrastructure
  • the business process
  • the entire supply chain
As a consequence, authorities have complete visibility over all operations and activities within their system.