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Canadian Bank Note's identification documents portfolio includes Civil Registry certificates such as birth, marriage, and death certificates. Civil documents are critical as they are the foundation credentials required for obtaining all other identification or travel documents. Today, these are often the weakest link in the identification system security chain.

From Vital Statistics to Identification Service
Most civil registry systems were created to manage the statistical aspects of registering and documenting events such as birth, marriage, and death. This role has changed dramatically. Providing the foundation on which identities are established, National ID and Civil Registry systems are now a critical component of a nation's security infrastructure.

Document Security
CBN has developed extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing secure documents for over 100 years. Customers are able to select from an array of banknote-grade security features - from tactile intaglio printing to CBN's hidden Multiplex™ patterns - to create designs and combinations of security features that are unique to each jurisdiction. We combine traditional security printing techniques with the latest security innovations to ensure civil documents reach a level of security similar to that of other personal identification documents and passports.

Design and Consulting
Our customers often approach us for advice on document security and design utilizing our civil document expertise. As we are independent of any substrate, material or production technology, our consulting, training and design teams are uniquely positioned to provide services to solve our clients' identification documents problems.