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Canadian Bank Note is a leading provider of highly secure identification documents in North America and around the world. Designed and built with CBN's extensive expertise in all aspects of document security, our solutions are comprehensive, highly versatile and customized to address customer-specific needs.

The Challenge
With the international terrorist threat and increasing levels of identity fraud, national ID cards are an important part of a nation's security plus a prevention of organized and identity-related crime. Identification credentials are also critical to a government's interaction with the public, distribution of benefits, access to vital services and infrastructure, as well as the facilitation of travel.

Document Security
National identification documents face various counterfeit attacks from organized crime, illegal immigration or terrorist organizations. In recent years, CBN has developed identity documents and solutions to address those and other security threats. Our introduction of innovative card materials and card construction technologies improves the levels of document security and durability setting the new standard in today's industry. We combine our considerable knowledge of security printing with modern card production and personalization capabilities such as polycarbonate substrate, laser engraving and CBN's Phantomplex™.

Integrated Security
With our comprehensive in-house security capabilities and highly secure service bureau competence, CBN can protect clients against direct document-related security threats such as photo-substitution and threats to the document issuance process such as theft of genuine document blanks.