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Canadian Bank Note is a leading global supplier of secure machine-readable visas and their issuance systems. New documents are designed and produced in close consultation with our customers. Our approach ensures that our clients' unique national regulatory, security and operational needs are fulfilled, while complying with international standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Customers worldwide trust our visa technology because of our security expertise and consultative solution competence.

Security Throughout
Visible and covert security features are combined with machine-readable information in a layered approach to provide multi-faceted defence against alteration and counterfeiting. In collaboration with CBN's design team, customers are able to select from our array of security features including tactile intaglio printing and CBN's hidden Multiplex™ patterns. Traditional security printing techniques are combined with a range of advanced security technologies to ensure that our clients' visas are among the most secure in the world.

Robust Construction
Visas are constructed with materials and adhesives that ensure maximum protection against removal and alteration once applied to the passport. Covert features, including frangible patterns and chemically sensitive paper, ensure attempts at removal become highly visible to our clients' immigration officials.

Protection of Personal Data
Personal information may be protected with secure laminates and one or more digital security elements. Each visa is designed for compatibility with the personalization technology used within our clients' issuance system.