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Ever-increasing border security requirements demand a new generation of advanced reader technology. The EAGLE travel document reader is a vital component of any solution requiring rapid reading and verification of machine-readable passport, visa, identification, and ePassport documents. The EAGLE is a full-page optical character recognition (OCR-B) reader offering high-resolution colour image capture and analysis for applications where speed is critical. Additional features include 2D barcode reading and optional ISO 14443 Type A & B microchip reading/writing to decode/encode the new generation of ePassports recommended by ICAO. The EAGLE software development kit allows for easy integration of the device into any new or existing solution.

Widely deployed, CBN travel document readers are proven in applications including:

Since each requirement is unique, CBN is committed to working closely with each of our customers to determine the appropriate reader solution for their needs. To find out if an EAGLE reader is right for your needs, please contact: