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Biometrics have become an integral part of Canadian Bank Note's deployed security projects. CBN can offer a full range of proven biometric technologies, including fingerprint identification, iris recognition and biometric face recognition.

Each of the biometric technologies has strengths and weaknesses, and as such CBN works with our customers to identify the biometric(s) that best meet their unique requirements. While biometrics offer tremendous potential to improve national security and protect personal identity, any implementations should consider public concerns regarding ease of use and privacy protection.

Biometric Face Recognition
Among biometrics technologies, biometric face recognition is often used when identification documents carry photographs. Face recognition, while still requiring human intervention, has been adopted by ICAO as the primary biometric for travel documents.

Iris Recognition and Iris Scanning
Generally accepted to be one of the most accurate biometric technologies developed to date, iris recognition also provides rapid results because of the simplicity of the matching algorithm.

Fingerprint Recognition and IAFIS
Proven in many current applications fingerprint recognition is the most mature biometric. Consequently, fingerprint recognition is gaining strong acceptance in civil identification applications, especially where existing fingerprint databases and images exist.