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Over the past century Canadian Bank Note (CBN) has pioneered the development of innovative security features that protect identification documents. Many of these features, including latent images, covert Multiplex patterns, and machine-readable media (such as a two-dimensional barcode), have become national and international standards for identification and travel documents.

CBN offers a full range of traditional security features including Intaglio and prismatic printing, visible and invisible inks, and optically variable devices. Each secure design contains a range of patterns intended to deter scanning, photocopying and commercial reproduction of the document. The materials and techniques used in the manufacturing of our documents may include different substrates, watermarks, embossments, laser perforations, special security threads and binding.

Our newest generation of security features will protect both the document and biographical information against a wide range of security threats.

Phantomplex™, Hyperviolet™
CBN has developed a range of digital security features designed to protect variable data printed onto a secure document from alteration. Visible or invisible images may be applied that contain covert information such as a document number or expiry date. Features may be manually verified or automatically processed with the assistance of devices such as CBN's EAGLE and FALCON full-page document readers.

WV™ Feature
WV™ is a covert security feature integrated in the identification document. It is a uni-directional ultraviolet image embedded within a transPORTAL™ window. It provides protection against counterfeits and desktop simulations.

transPORTAL™ Feature
transPORTAL™ is a first-level security feature. It is a transparent window integrated in polycarbonate identity cards and the passport data page. It provides protection against threats presented by scanners, counterfeits and desktop printing technology.

Wave™ Feature
Wave™ is a first-level security feature. Variable data is personalized into the document using modulated pitch, point and pattern. It provides protection against data alteration and counterfeiting.

Machine-Readable Media
CBN solutions are designed to securely link machine-readable elements, variable data and security printed elements.

Optical Character Recognition - Type B (OCR-B) fonts
OCR-B is the standard machine-readable font mandated for ICAO-compliant passports, visas and identity cards. OCR-B is optically captured using travel document readers.

Two-dimensional (2D) Barcodes
Identification and travel documents may be personalized with a two-dimensional barcode containing biographical information of the bearer. Data can be stored in an encrypted format if required.

Contactless Microchips
The newest generation of travel and identify documents contain an ISO14443-compliant contactless microchip. Biometric data of the holder is securely stored within the microchip.