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SuperStar Bingo (SSB)SuperStar Bingo (SSB) is an exciting new linked bingo game that allows for higher prizes, progressive games, increased revenue, and increased entertainment value. SuperStar Bingo allows any number of bingo halls to play together through a communications network that links each hall. It can generate games at prescribed time(s) when each hall is connected to the system. The SuperStar Bingo system offers many variations of bingo, including progressive games with high jackpots and, for the first time anywhere, different halls can play the same game simultaneously and in real-time.

SuperStar Bingo caters to three different market segments:
  1. In jurisdictions where there are established bingo halls, SSB can be used to link halls and play real time games in order to offer large jackpots.
  2. In jurisdictions where there are no bingo halls, SSB can be used to link any number of licensed facilities, such as clubs, bars and restaurants, to play rapid bingo games throughout the day, increasing the number of daily winners.
  3. SSB can be used to manage and control stand-alone gaming facilities that offer bingo games plus other types of entertainment throughout the day. This is ideal for jurisdictions that do not want casino style games.
CBN has secured the rights from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to offer SuperStar Bingo.

Bingo Hall The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, one of the largest lottery organizations in North America, developed SuperStar Bingo. The OLGC links over 70 bingo halls and has been operating the game for over seven years. It was developed to:
  • Increase bingo revenues for charities.
  • Make the game more exciting for existing players.
  • Increase the number of new players.
  • Increase prizes for customers.
  • Increase revenue for bingo hall owners.