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CBN introduces a new concept in lotteries - the Top Tier player loyalty reward program. This unique and innovative solution promotes continued play by game participants and rewards them for their loyalty. It's a new way to stimulate sales!

Top Tier is a solution for lottery companies who are looking for:
  • A unique way to promote games
  • A window into gaming behaviour
  • Assistance with marketing efforts
  • The ability to revitalize games that have gone stale

This patent-pending concept offers a second level of winning based on three factors:
  • How recently a person has played the game.
  • Frequency of play.
  • Intensity of play.
Lottery companies now have the capability to reward customers for participating in draws, better understand their purchasing patterns, and tailor programs to meet customer behaviours. This encourages players to purchase multiple tickets, which increases jackpots.

CBN can implement a loyalty program, integrating it into any existing on-line solution and customizing it to your business.

Top Tier can be a part of your CBN end-to-end turnkey solution. Experienced staff will assist you with system architecture, design, deployment, and customized installation.