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For more than 20 years, CBN has been developing solutions for the lottery industry. CBN has a complete portfolio of management services that allows us to tailor comprehensive solutions to the exact needs of each customer. We are flexible in how we package our commercial offerings to meet specific requirements.

CBN's customized partnership programs help lotteries to be cost-efficient, and to effectively manage and support their operations for greater retail sales.

CBN provides complete turnkey management services to all our customers. Our services include:
  • Initial central computer site preparation.
  • Central computer installation and maintenance.
  • Operation of the system and the network.
  • Telecommunication network design and management of its facilities and services (if requested).
  • Systems and applications software installations, upgrading and maintenance (including license fees).
  • Application software development.
  • Sales agent training.
  • Bet slips and ticket stock.
  • Marketing and advertising.
With CBN's Managed Services:
  • CBN takes on the operational, administrative and marketing functions as determined and assigned by the lottery corporation.
  • CBN customizes all programs and services to meet the specific needs of the lottery.
  • CBN handles all aspects of its assigned operations, and is compensated on a percentage-of-sales basis.
  • The lottery corporation has final approval on all decisions and retains total policy control.
CBN looks forward to the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and to provide a revenue-enhancing business solution through our managed services program customized for your individual needs.