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cbn-language150 (59K) CBN's lottery systems run on a variety of different types of terminals. Our newest lottery system, Abrazo, uses state of the art touch screen terminals designed by Wincor-Nixdorf and Olivetti.

In addition to flexibility in terminal choice, the Abrazo lottery software enables the design of new games quickly and with minimal constraints. A modern lottery system must have the ability to respond to the demands of the marketplace. This means that it must be able to launch a new game quickly. Abrazo is designed so that a new game with a different play method and win method can be created easily, simply by manipulating existing parameters.

With Abrazo, a game can be created in a matter of minutes. This allows lottery operators to run short-run test games or short-term promotional games. (Other suppliers often must go through involved development and quality assurance cycles to launch a new game.) Our on-line download feature means that all terminals can be up and running with a new game as soon as it is defined at the central office. Since Abrazo has already been quality-assured for all games designed in this fashion, an entire test phase can be bypassed.

If a lottery corporation comes up with a new game that is unique and exotic, the software architecture allows our development team to develop the game from the ground up more quickly than with a traditional lottery framework.

With customization, the Abrazo retailer terminal can run in any language. The language can be changed at any time without system restart. In addition, the terminal can operate in multiple languages simultaneously. This language flexibility enables retailers in different regions to run the terminal in the language of their choice and to change the language at any time.