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Marketing research
CBN has top-notch market researchers who will study your marketplace and determine which games and services are best for your product portfolio.

Our major objectives when performing market research are to:
  • Compile comprehensive geo-demographic and psychographic profiles of lottery players, non-players, and retailers.
  • Identify potential areas for terminal expansion, with a mind to maximizing sales, player participation, and convenience.
  • Determine consumer levels of acceptance to existing lottery games and their attitude to the introduction of new games.
  • Measure the effectiveness of all marketing communications and advertising programs.
  • Analyze the effects that existing lottery games have had on each local environment and the potential impact that new games will have.
  • Study the image that is transmitted by the existing lottery games, not only to the playing public, but to all other stakeholders - employees, retailers, intermediaries, and the general public.
  • Analyze actual performance versus predicted performance.
CBN develops its advertising and promotional materials to represent our customer's integrity, dignity, and values, and to achieve the primary mission of maximizing revenue in order to fund good causes.

Three key elements to our advertising approach are:
  • Fun and excitement of playing lottery games.
  • Chance to win.
  • Good causes supported by the lottery.
The tone of our advertising emphasizes the fun and excitement of playing lottery games. CBN will not misrepresent the odds of winning or that winning is always the outcome of playing lottery games. The advertising portrays players in a positive light, through what we call "positive user imagery" - light-hearted, fun, and celebratory. When appropriate, we inject tasteful and entertaining humour.

CBN believes that advertising must provide consumers with accurate odds information in point-of-sale and promotional materials and, when appropriate, in media advertising. This information is provided to ensure that players are in no way misled as to their chances of winning.