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Site survey
We inventory all services and technologies available locally, evaluate their suitability and compatibility, and do an on-site review of topography to determine where custom-built extensions can be added. This stage results in a comprehensive definition of requirements, recommendation of suitable technologies, and appropriate network topology.

Network Design Network design
We perform bandwidth, latency, address and routing calculations, detailed topology design, and predictive calculations of usage patterns. At this stage, detailed network diagrams, a complete bill of materials, and a detailed provisioning scheme are produced.

Network security design
Requires the creation of a complete network Trust Model and Threat Assessment. This leads to a detailed design of security measures required by the environment, including:
  • Cryptography.
  • Key distribution and management mechanisms.
  • Access control mechanisms.
  • Network monitoring and auditing mechanisms.
  • Directory services.
  • Biometric mechanisms.
  • Secure token mechanisms.
  • Other security tools as required, including a detailed description of their interdependencies and implementation.
Our recommendations for network security policies are created at this stage.

Network deployment & project management
We implement the network and security designs established in the first three stages. This results in the timely delivery of a secure network that meets the customer's requirements.

Network training
We provide a complete range of hands-on training programs targeted at developing the complex skills required to monitor and maintain sophisticated technology networks successfully.