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The CBN team of network experts has extensive experience working under a variety of conditions. We offer a complete range of services required to build a successful network using available technologies. Our services include a package of all components of network design and stages of implementation, or can be mixed and matched with services and technologies that are available locally.

We understand that distributed networks covering entire nations offer significant design and implementation challenges, both technical and economic. The network must cover all desired retail points of presence, but the availability of various types of connectivity varies by location. It is also unusual for a single bandwidth provider and/or single access technology to be available universally. Therefore, co-operation with multiple vendors and the integration of multiple networking technologies are required to succeed. The economic aspect of network design also cannot be ignored. The only valid solution is an affordable network that is designed to meet business and technical objectives.
There are five network service stages.
  1. Site survey
  2. Network design
  3. Network security design
  4. Network deployment & project management
  5. Network training