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Contact Information:
Contact: Robert Kupferschmid
Phone: 613-225-6566

SECTR means support. Fast, courteous, available 24/7

The CBN Lottery Division has a very capable team of lottery systems specialists who deploy and support our systems. The Systems Delivery Group (SDG) has created a web site called SECTR (Secure Electronic Client Technical Response) to enable our customers to contact and interact with the Support Team at any time of the day or night. The Support Team responds to requests in close to real-time. Any requests for assistance can be made through the SECTR website.

The SECTR web site is hosted behind a firewall and is accessed using HTTPS, a secure web access protocol. Only qualified CBN and customer lottery personnel are allowed to access the SECTR website. Users receive permission to access only functions specific to their jobs, and are prohibited from accessing any other sections of the site. In most cases, a member of the SECTR team will be able to solve a problem or respond to a request for information within minutes.

The following functions are available on the SECTR web site, depending on the permissions the user has.
  • Requests
  • Knowledge Base
  • Meetings
  • Shipping
  • Parts request
  • Networks
  • Contacts
  • Suggestions
  • Reports