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CBN incorporates the latest state of the art networking and security technology for all of our lottery customers.

Network Security
All terminal users are individually assigned a login name and a password. To activate the application, a user must be authenticated directly with the Central System (end-to-end authentication).

Communication latency between the terminal and the central site is usually less than one (1) second, and less than 250ms on average. The underlying TCP transport is reliable, so no data is lost in transit, even if adverse network conditions cause substantial packet loss within the communication infrastructure.

CBN subscribes to a layered network security model, as recommended by NIST and SANS Institute. The Abrazo system uses layered security extensively to protect the integrity of the Lottery operation. This means that every critical point of the Abrazo system transaction data in transit is protected by two independent encryption mechanisms.

Wireless Networking
The exceptional reliability and security of the Abrazo system allows it to operate over inherently insecure and unreliable connections, such as wireless networks. An Abrazo retail terminal can be installed as a mobile platform and be connected to a Network Operation Centre (NOC) through a standard 802.11g access point. From the retailer and customer perspective, operation and capabilities of the wireless retail terminal connections are identical to any other terminal. In addition, with the multiple layers of advanced authentication and encryption used by the Abrazo system to communicate with every terminal, the security of such a connection is no different from other Abrazo links. Multiple mobile terminals can operate from a single "hot spot" connection, including mobile terminals, installed in various outdoor locations. Hot spots are attached to the network using permanent 128Kbps xDSL connection, just like other retailer terminals.