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Olivetti Terminal Design and ergonomics
The Olivetti MAEL 205 lottery terminal combines a complete set of functions in a very compact design. The footprint is about 8.5" x 11", 7" high, and weighs about 13 pounds. Its small size makes the Mael 205 terminal easy to install into any location, and is easy to move around if required.

New games and services can be added to the Mael 205 lottery terminal as required. This ensures that the terminal can be used for many years, while keeping up with new technologies and future innovations.

The Mael 205 lottery terminal offers the following features:
  • Available with either a keypad or touch screen.
  • Liquid-proof keypad.
  • Screen tilts up and down for optimal viewing position.
  • Detachable display screen if required.
  • Monochrome or full-colour display screen.
  • Integrated printer.
  • Guided easy-insertion scanner.
  • Cable exits from the bottom of the terminal with no directional restraints.
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