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Canadian BanknotesCanadian Bank Note is an independent, internationally recognized designer and printer of currency for the Bank of Canada and countries around the world. CBN is privately owned and trusted as an unbiased supplier to the currency marketplace. This open mandate is further supported by CBN's freedom from ownership or interest in suppliers that might otherwise lead to a conflict of interest in selecting the most appropriate substrates or security features.

Therefore, CBN is able to independently source and provide its customers with the materials or products that best meet their security requirements, and can source such third party materials from amongst the most suitable and reliable suppliers world wide.

Paper and Polymer Substrates:
CBN has all the requisite skills and capabilities to design, originate and manufacture banknotes on the full range of paper and polymer substrates. As an independent and impartial banknote printer, we regard both substrates as key components of our product offering and currently produce banknotes on both substrates for our international customer base. Guatemala and Honduras BanknotesSuriname Banknotes