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Canadian Bank Note strives to be a full service security solutions provider. We work with our customers to understand their needs and provide for them. From project concept to design ideas, budgets, education programs and production we seek to provide full service and support.

Design and Origination
CBN has a truly exceptional Design Department that is dedicated solely to the creation of designs for high security products. CBN's Design Department is staffed with outstanding portrait engravers and designers recruited from around the world.

Recently CBN collaborated with the Bank of Canada in designing and producing the Canadian Journey $20 banknote, which was named "Bank Note of the Year" by the International Bank Note Society.

With diverse and complementary skills, CBN's designers offer expertise in a wide range of high security products, and bring the skills and knowledge required to incorporate the most modern security features into their designs. All of CBN's designs demonstrate a careful and strategic layering of security features designed to most effectively resist the production of deceptive counterfeits and deter fraudulent alteration.

CBN is dedicated to leading the way in the development and integration of new and innovative security design. The company continues to invest strongly in design and origination, an investment that offers the following benefits:
  • The ability to quickly produce a wide range of alternative designs and formats from which customers may choose;
  • The improvement of the clarity and accuracy of design models in relation to the final printed product; and
  • The effective incorporation and layering of the most advanced security features.
Modern Substrates and Features
As innovative and modern substrates and features find a place in the production of high security documents, the design of those documents must incorporate new techniques to ensure printability and effectiveness. CBN's Design Department has unrivalled expertise in working with such new developments, as clearly indicated by our work in designing for polymer substrate banknotes as well as traditional cotton substrate banknotes.

Commitment to Tradition
While CBN offers the best of modern design facilities, equipment and knowledge, it also remains steadfast in its dedication to the best of traditional design. CBN has retained the essential skills associated with the foundations of high security products, such as the intricate line work and the art of hand engraving for the intaglio printing process, which remains unique to the high security document industry.

Security and Consulting Services
Secure payment documents and related systems are the business of CBN's Payment Systems. We welcome the opportunity to work with customers to understand their concerns and problems. CBN's experienced staff works in a consultative manner and are prepared to share their broad experience and knowledge with customers with a view to developing the secure solution that best meets their needs.

Market Consultation
CBN will review current note series and advise on opportunities to update them and the costs associated with introducing a new series. Often savings can result from a process of adjusting features and materials to be in balance with the face values of the notes involved.

Counterfeit Evaluation
CBN can review the security strengths in banknotes and assess the current risks of counterfeiting. We can advise on emerging trends and security risks that are expected to arise from changing technologies and how we can help our customers to protect and maintain the reputation of their banknotes.

Product Launch Support Services
The launch of a new product such as a series of banknotes is more than just printing and distributing the notes. Our staff can work with the customer to create a comprehensive education program to train bank employees, promote the security features of a new note series and notify the public to of the changes. Explaining security features such as watermarks, foil stripes, polymer windows, see-through print images are all items to be included in a campaign. Brochures, video, training packages, handouts and public billboards are possible information delivery vehicles for a campaign.