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Vignette Canadian Bank Note has unique and proprietary technology developed specifically for security printing. All areas including creative design, prepress, printing and bindery are equipped with tools, processes and procedures to produce documents that are extremely difficult to counterfeit. Technically challenging features can be incorporated to ensure a secure document.
  • Split fountain printing
  • Intaglio printing
  • Invisible inks, fluorescing inks and fibres. CBN uses inks, never toners, which are easy to alter.
  • Steel engraved vignettes
  • Secure papers with watermarks that are not available to the average commercial printer.
  • Numbering items, which includes paper stock and waste sheets, is all accounted for in our internal audit processes.
  • Waste is disposed of in a secure manner.
Our security processes relieve the fears of electronic "duplications." CBN believes products you can see, touch, and feel are important to financial community. All CBN production is at company-owned sites.