It’s a fact: successful lotteries are exciting and fun for the people who play them. But it’s the financial support that they bring to government sponsored good cause initiatives for local cultural, sport, education and health programs that make them truly great. We help you create popular games that tap into the hearts and minds of local players. Then we back them with the latest technology so they are secure, efficient and ethically run. In short, when you choose CBN to help you build a lottery business, success is not left to chance.

Our international team specializes in building and operating all aspects of the lottery operation for a local government

This includes deploying our secure lottery system and technical infrastructure, executing market research, designing the local product portfolio and establishing the distribution network.
We develop and execute marketing programs that build the lottery into a strong national brand. Whether we start from the ground up, or seamlessly transition from an existing operation, our goal is to build, manage and grow an effective, secure business that generates funds to support local charities, sports and cultural initiatives.

Local culture plays a significant role in our success

We start with dedicated market research to help us understand your local demographics and learn about customer attitudes toward gaming and lotteries. Only then do we design, implement and market a program that is completely customized for the local audience.

Always improve, always invest

Our team manages every aspect of the operation and maintains a keen focus on growing the addressable market, improving technology and maintaining sophisticated security measures.

25 years’ experience in lotteries and gaming

Trusted provider to Lottery Authorities and Governments throughout the world

State-of the-art lottery technology


Learn from our experts

Peter Fallis

Vice-President, Marketing Lotteries

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