Identity Management Solutions

Identity Management Solutions

Complex systems that work flawlessly

A comprehensive identity management system sits at the core of government programs, policies and security. While some countries are replacing antiquated systems with digitized files and data management processes, others are looking to develop a holistic approach to identity management by bringing together data from a number of departments. No matter where you sit on the technology spectrum, our business process specialists and systems architects work with you to determine your requirements and design the right solution to meet them.

How we work with you

Although the solutions may be complex, every day users need to find them simple. And that’s where elegant system design comes in.

  • Review business process and systems
  • Requirements gathering
  • Develop systems and network architecture
  • Design and build applications
  • Deployment and testing
  • Training and support





Analysis & Planning


Requirements gathering


System Design


Document Design


System Development


Production & Deployment


Training, Support & Maintenance


Ongoing Analysis and Support

The right level of document security

We work with our customers to map a solution that balances need and resources. The overall structure of all national identification documents and the way they interact with each other is critical to informing our recommendation. Once the right standard of security is set, we create an original document design that includes a comprehensive set of integrated features that make them extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Case study

How CBN strengthened the National Identification program in Togo

Prior to 2005, the Togo National ID card was issued manually as a paper-based document. Today, the Togolese National ID Card and System – created and facilitated by CBN – is the most trusted identification document and database in the country.

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