A robust identification system is critical to the very fabric of a nation. The information it generates informs decisions on everything from health programs to government services and urban planning to immigration policy. It allows people to access benefits and it informs educators. In short, it shapes how we live.

Elegant data management

Getting centralized information systems right is a challenge for all countries. For some, it’s a case of digitizing a paper process. For others, it’s upgrading systems and software with the goal of managing and reconciling information across silos. We work with customers across the globe to manage secure systems and documents for everything including:

  • Civil registry including vital event records
  • Residency
  • Citizenship
  • Electoral identification
  • Land titles

Secure identification cards

Governments must be the trusted source for identity, and the security of identification cards that governments issue is essential to maintaining that trust. CBN creates secure documents with original document designs reflecting the culture of the issuer and interwoven with intricate security features that make them extremely difficult to counterfeit.


Learn from our experts

Jeff Quarrington

Application Director, ID Marketing

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