The work you do changes your country for the better. It instills national pride, advances security, inspires confidence, and drives investment in the future. With so much at stake, a good partner can help you meet your goals, but a great one will help you discover ways to exceed them. Our work is built on the kind of ingenuity that can only come from extensive experience, unparalleled technological expertise and a global perspective. Together, let’s thrive.


Our customers are responsible for projects of national importance

They work at various levels of government to protect and serve their citizens, secure their borders, improve the security and beauty of their currency and generate revenue for good causes. Together we work to design, launch, and support secure solutions for currency, border security, identification, excise and lottery operations.

Why they choose Canadian Bank Note

Our spirit of collaboration, our commitment to understanding customer needs, and our belief in customer value as a guiding principle that requires an unceasing dedication.

The result?

Projects that meet and exceed customer objectives, partnerships that flourish and employees that thrive.
 We build the solutions that help protect our world and make it more prosperous.


The CBN Customer Experience

We continually invest in new technologies and delivery models to meet the changing requirements of our customers at every step of the way, meeting their goals today and tomorrow.

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