Driver Identification

Driver Identification

Secure identification documents

Security is required for any credential. We work with you to determine the appropriate level of security for your needs, then we design a card solution that works for the issuer as well as the card holder, law enforcement and other stakeholders. Our original designs reflect the locale of the issuer and include a comprehensive set of integrated security features that fit your unique requirements. You can leverage our high security card production facilities to manufacture and issue your card or we can provide you with the expertise, equipment and training to issue the card solution yourself. There is no need for compromise, we can deliver exactly what you need.

Mobile driver licensing

CBN is currently conducting a pilot program of this emerging technology. Our aim is to better understand all aspects surrounding its potential—from market demand and use case analysis, to security, to resource and budget implications for the jurisdictions that implement it.

Case study

Delivering a secure driver’s license issuance solution for the Virginia DMV

In 2008 CBN STI was selected to implement its proposed solution for the Virginia DMV. This day marked a turning point for CBN – it was the first secure end-to- end driver’s license issuance solution that we introduced into the United States. And it was a resounding success.

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