Case Study

Secure from start to finish

CBN modernizes operations for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a forward-thinking, customer-centric organization that entitles and issues Driver’s Licenses and Identification Cards to the people of Virginia. It is responsible for the collection of $2.5B in revenues for the State.

Since September 11, 2001, a greater public awareness of the importance and widespread use of state-issued credentials led to national efforts to increase security in issuance processes and the documents themselves. The Virginia DMV led the way. It set out to enhance the security of both the entitlement and issuance of Licenses and IDs, and of the cards themselves. CBN was awarded the project after an exceptionally thorough procurement planning and selection process, and we began working together in 2008.

The Virginia DMV had very specific requirements and challenged us to propose a comprehensive, secure solution technology and service delivery approach. This included:

  • Secure, centralized DL/ID issuance from a location within the State, which was a significant change from the previous over-the-counter card issuance philosophy;
  • Software and equipment deployed to service the public in 75 locations across the State, improving operational efficiency and supportability Statewide; and
  • Overall security of the Driver’s License and ID Card documents.

We knew that the key to our mutual success was information sharing and a clarity of the roles and responsibilities on both sides of the partnership. CBN started the process by creating joint project teams that included our engineers, designers, and project staff, and representatives from across the DMV operational, technical, business, and communications areas.

CBN developed and tested the software solution, designed and printed the secure Driver’s License and Identification Cards, deployed the hardware and software solution across the State, trained the users and established a robust support and maintenance program to ensure reliable operations and service delivery to the general public. In addition to these substantial achievements, CBN designed and constructed an ISO-27001 certified secure card issuance facility in Virginia, where the Virginia DL/ID cards are manufactured and issued by CBN Secure Technologies on behalf of the State. This best-in-class facility has a dedicated staff of Virginians who are committed to delivering quality in every aspect their work.

As part of our ongoing partnership, we have proudly supported the DMV to enhance their operations through a number of innovative programs including:

  • Supporting the “DMV 2 Go” and “DMV Connect” mobile Customer Service Center programs that allow the DMV to travel to their customer base;
  • Introducing a Veteran’s Identification Card to support Virginian men and women who have proudly served their country in the military; and
  • Developing a pilot program to test the potential of putting a Driver’s License on a mobile device.


“How can you put a value on an extraordinary customer experience? At Virginia DMV we pride ourselves on delivering superior service to our customers. Time and time again we exceed customer expectations, and in many cases we could not have done that without CBN. Every time we are moving forward on a customer service, they are with us for every step. I can’t say enough about what a great partner CBN is.”

Richard D. Holcomb, Commissioner, Virginia DMV

Issued 14M secure driver’s license and ID cards through November, 2016

Image capture systems and software deployed to serve the public at 75 locations

Introduced North America’s first mobile driver’s license proof of concept which included more than 250 consumers and 15 retail locations

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